Our business resource groups comprise lawyers and staff (as relevant) with shared cultural, experiential, or job-related interests, experiences, or backgrounds. Business resource groups support retention through informal mentoring, internal networking, business development support, and the firm’s recruiting. Their goals and activities are carefully planned and linked to the firm’s business goals. The groups are open to all Ballard Spahr lawyers and staff (as relevant) interested in supporting the firm’s diversity initiatives.

Asian American Business Resource Group (AABRG)

The Asian American Business Resource Group seeks to cultivate a welcoming and supportive environment for all AABRG members and create opportunities through various activities and events during the year to enable AABRG members to (i) effectively network with internal and external clients, (ii) support each other in both professional development and business development initiatives, and (iii) create an environment that would foster mentorship within the group.

Judy Mok, 646.346.8008, mokj@ballardspahr.com
Steve B. Park, 678.420.9590, parksb@ballardspahr.com 

Ballard Women

Ballard Women facilitates internal and external networking as well as professional development activities that support the success and advancement of female lawyers and clients. Through programming, mentoring and sponsorship, the group works to improve the professional experience and bolster the trajectory of women lawyers and to advance them into key participation and leadership roles, both inside and outside the firm. The group is committed to helping the firm develop and retain the next generation of successful female lawyers and law firm leaders.

Maria Gall, 702.868.7535, gallm@ballardspahr.com
Nicole R. Hittner, 612.371.3554, hittnern@ballardspahr.com
Jane Rose Siegfried, 215.864.8538, siegfriedj@ballardspahr.com
Chittam U. Thakore, 678.420.9484, thakorec@ballardspahr.com

Black Lawyers Group

The Black Lawyers Group seeks to support the recruitment, retention, development and advancement of Black lawyers across Ballard Spahr, in furtherance of the Firm’s long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion. The group is committed to improving the professional experience of Black lawyers at the Firm through fellowship, networking, and programming in both formal and informal settings. The group is also dedicated to creating and sustaining a pipeline of Black law students who aspire to work at Ballard, as well as maintaining and strengthening bonds with Ballard’s Black alumni. The group is open to all Ballard lawyers and welcomes all who share its mission.

Kahlil Williams, 215.864.8346, williamskc@ballardspahr.com

Diverse Lawyers Group

The Diverse Lawyers Group seeks to promote and support the professional and business development of its diverse lawyers both within the firm and in the broader legal community. The group advocates for increased recruitment, integration, mentorship, retention, and advancement of the firm's diverse lawyers. It also promotes the inclusion of diverse perspectives throughout the firm.

Todd Reece, 801.517.6872, reecetballardspahr.com
Daniel A. Arellano, 602.798.5436, arellanod@ballardspahr.com
Elliot I. Griffin, 215.864.8258, griffinei@ballardspahr.com
Lanre Popoola, 202.661.2262, popoolal@ballardspahr.com

Equality Ballard: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Lawyers and Friends

Equality Ballard provides support and internal networking to those who have self-identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. The group facilitates business and professional development opportunities as well as outreach to the LGBTQ community. The group promotes and furthers the recruiting initiatives of the firm's Diversity and Inclusion Council and supports education on relevant policies and issues. Equality Ballard also supports the efforts of its members to have a positive impact on the communities where they live and work through pro bono outreach and civic and philanthropic engagement.

Jessica DuBois, 612.371.2416, duboisj@ballardspahr.com
Elizabeth P. Weissert, 215.864.8672, weisserte@ballardspahr.com

Global Cultures Business Resource Group

The Global Cultures Business Resource Group seeks to recognize and honor the richness and diversity of cultures present across the Ballard Spahr footprint as well as highlight and leverage this cultural diversity to better serve our clients, connect international lawyers, paralegals, and staff, and enhance and build relationships internally and externally, including with external culturally diverse organizations. The group aims to assist international lawyers in developing business by leveraging their international ties through involvement in local country-specific chambers of commerce. The group also seeks to be a source of support and community for lawyers, paralegals, and staff from international backgrounds, and to be a resource for the whole firm for interactions with international cultures.

Jonas Jarvholm, 678.420.9378, jarvholmj@ballardspahr.com

Work-Life Integration Group

This group brings together lawyers from across the firm—partners, of counsel, associates, and attorneys of all genders—to provide resources, support, and opportunities related to successfully achieving work-life integration. It includes lawyers who work both full-time and reduced hours. The group spearheads the Back to Business initiative, which provides outreach and support to all lawyers returning from leave.

John Zurawski, 215.864.8855, zurawskij@ballardspahr.com
Sarah E. Pruett, 612.371.2425, pruetts@ballardspahr.com