Ballard Spahr is an excellent place to work. It's both professional and family-oriented and an easy place to grow professionally. Attorneys and staff really do work together, and the open communication between them is really remarkable.
Kathy Callahan, Senior Billing Specialist, Baltimore

In the short amount of time I have been employed with Ballard, I have seen more generosity, understanding, and commitment than in my entire professional career combined. I’m proud to tell my friends and family where I work. The truth is, I not only work here at Ballard Spahr, but I learn here, I am challenged, and I feel valued and respected. The firm takes care of its people, and the people take care of the clients and the work. What we accomplish at this firm is incredible and I love being part of it.
Sarah Gennett, Legal Administrative Assistant, Phoenix

I'm not sure why I chose to work at Ballard Spahr 18 years ago, but I can tell you why I've stayed. I'm here because the work is engaging and meaningful. The firm has integrity, too, and offers enrichment and flexibility. Being here has enhanced my career and personal interests (yup, I have both!) in a way that has been the envy of colleagues at other firms. I don't just work for Ballard Spahr—Ballard Spahr works for me!
Keith Garland, Paralegal Supervisor, Staffing & Training, Philadelphia

I have been with Ballard Spahr for 28 years and always say that working here has been one of my best experiences. I work with wonderful people and continue to learn, contribute, and be challenged. We have become a family across the country.
Polly Artim, IT Project Administrator, Denver