Reprinted with permission from Developments Magazine

Technology continues to be a trending topic in the timeshare industry—a large part of this trend is replacing printed materials with digital ones. Just look at Marge Lennon’s article in the July 2016 issue of Developments: downloads from the ARDA World app are replacing 100-page programs, tablets are replacing in-room binders in resort rooms, and USB drives containing required legal documents for consumers are replacing printed materials.

Digital advancements are not limited to how we receive information—they also impact how we make contracts. Timeshare developers are applying this trend to the consumer purchasing experience through electronic documents and signatures—commonly known as "e-Contracting." The benefits companies seek through e-Contracting include:

• Accelerating contract processing, review and approval times;
• Saving on printing and shipping costs; and

• Reducing potential for human error.

Realizing these benefits requires attention to the laws and challenges unique to e Contracting. While some of these issues apply to all types of consumer documents, special issues relate specifically to electronic promissory notes, or "e-Notes." More >