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Winter 2015

by Michael Pollack and Andrew E. Walsh
CRE Finance World

November 14, 2014
by Leslie E. John, Jason A. Leckerman and Lindsay D. Breedlove
Bloomberg DNA Antitrust & Trade Regulation Report
November 12, 2014
by Thomas L. Sager
The Legal Intelligencer
November 7, 2014
by Leslie E. John, Stephen J. Kastenberg, and Steven M. Nadel
October 2014
by Marjorie J. Peerce
Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC's Women in Business Law
October 7, 2014
by Katayun I. Jaffari and Kimberly W. Klayman
The Legal Intelligencer
Summer 2014
by Marjorie J. Peerce
August 2014
by Brian D. Pedrow and Ashley L. Wilson
Mortgage Compliance Magazine
July 30, 2014
by Edward I. Leeds
Bloomberg BNA Health Insurance Report
July/August 2014
by Desmond D. Connall, Jr., and Katherine M. Noonan

BOMA Magazine

July 1, 2014
by Katayun I. Jaffari and Sandra Maki Hashima
The Legal Intelligencer
June 17, 2014
by Neal Walters and Michele C. Ventura
The Legal Intelligencer
June 13, 2014
by Lucretia C. Clemons and Erin K. Clarke
May/June 2014
by Erica A. Leatham 
BUILDING in Maryland and Washington, DC
May 30, 2014
by John R. Carrigan, Jr., and Kelly T. Kindig
May/June 2014
by Desmond D. Connall, Jr., David L. Winstead, and Christopher A. Jones

BOMA Magazine

April 28, 2014
by Joseph A. Kanefield, Beau Roysden, and Lindsay D. Breedlove
Arizona Capitol Times
April 1, 2014
by Katayun I. Jaffari and Andrew D. McCarthy
The Legal Intelligencer
March 25, 2014
by Christopher J. Willis and Stefanie H. Jackman
Bloomberg BNA's Social Media Law & Policy Report
Winter 2014
by Marjorie J. Peerce
New York State Bar Association Pro Bono News
March 2014
by Philip N. Yannella, Michael R. Carroll, and Michele C. Ventura
Westlaw Journal Pharmaceutical